Luc.8 - Philosophy



LUC-8 is introduced as a German fashion brand with an international attitude!

Our brand LUC-8 refers to the initials of our creative entrepreneur as well as to hidden mythology of numbers. According to that, all things and moments in a relation to the mystic number 8, will bring a positive and powerful energy to people.

The aim of LUC-8 is to make you feel well every day with our designed creations. To please other people and above all to please yourself. To make sure, that you´re free to get happiness and success. That is, what LUC-8 finally stands for.

With creations by LUC-8, knitwear is redefined for today! Different looks. Different styles. Sporty, casual or feminine stylishness. From classy basics up to new designs. Just all for modern women. Just all for everyday!

LUC-8 offers creations in sizes from small up to extra large. And all items with a perfect correct fit.

LUC-8 just operates the whole process. Starting from the creative design up to production and logistics. On these facts LUC-8 is able to guarantee you a high quality level on each product.

LUC-8 releases four creative collections a year of knitted fashion.Valued quality, finest raw materials und creative design with a sophisticated and stylish touch...

That means LUC-8. The way to happiness and success in your everyday life.